“Just tell us what you want, and we’ll figure out how to get it done. In 29 years we have never said no, and in 29 years, never failed.”
Doug Snyder

WE BELIEVE the world needs architects who are unafraid to step up to the plate and be accountable. Accountability and responsibility are principles we have heralded for almost 30 years.

WE BELIEVE frustrated owners are tired of the finger pointing from risk-averse project managers, programmers and consultants. Give us the empowerment and resources and leave the risk and micro-management to us. We’ll take the weight of responsibility off your shoulders.
WE BELIEVE the design process starts with an intimate understanding of the problem long before pen touches paper. Before we start the design process, we need to understand your problem in its entirety. Our mission is to then build your vision.
WE BELIEVE that our training as architects gives us an understanding of how the development process flows and construction actually gets done. We dovetail the skills of project management, architecture and management of construction. That’s why we oversee the implementation of our projects.

WE BELIEVE clients come to us because we’re tenacious at finding solutions. If financing is the reason you can’t go forward, we’ll find a way to make financing work. If it can be done we’ll find a way to do it. Our mission is to continue on that path of finding solutions to roadblocks.
WE BELIEVE in hiring those who practice our principles. We walk the talk. We work as a collaborative team. We have built a firm of dedicated people with keen enthusiasm, a broad diversity of skills and big hearts.
WE BELIEVE, when all is said and done, it’s about taking control, being more accountable, doing better work and reducing risk. This is what distinguishes us.

Over the past three decades, we have developed an impressive reputation for meeting our clients’ needs. This is how we do it:

We specialize in two types of buildings, schools and Seniors’ Housing / Long Term Care, and this has given us deep knowledge and expertise in meeting the needs of those clients.

We carefully listen to our clients’ needs and translate what they’ve asked for into a sensitive and functional design solution.

Designing for a Purpose
Our buildings are designed with a purpose: our schools deliver academic excellence; our homes for seniors support the independence and dignity of the residents.

We are rigorous about moving complex projects along. We don’t take no for an answer, we are steady and persistent, and we don’t give up.

We respond quickly. We are always available and ready to answer, or find the answer, and get back to you ASAP. We believe that being responsive is the foundation of good service.

We respect the tradesmen who build the building and we directly inform them of our clients’ needs. This significantly reduces problems on the job site and assures that budget and schedule are met.

Most importantly, we assume responsibility and accountability every step of the way. After almost 30 years of experience, it boils down to this: we get the job done.

Upgrade B and C category beds to level A in order to meet current Ministry of Health Design Standards.

Snyder & Associates has worked with many operators to build over 7,000 long term care beds in Ontario over the past three decades. We provide a wide range of integrated services related to visioning, planning, design, approvals and permits, scheduling, construction and financing.

snyder partnership

Doug Snyder, Principal, B.E.S., B.Arch. OAA, MRAIC
Doug Snyder graduated from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in 1977. He was a founding partner of the firm in 1980, now Snyder and Associates. Doug is the sole principal of the firm and has over the years built a team founded on his core belief in excellent service, his view that buildings must be designed for a purpose and a philosophy that to be a good architect, we must understand who builds our buildings and how they are built. These core values have earned the firm’s solid reputation for both design and construction. Doug oversees all work of the firm.